Mentor Coaching

For ICF Credentialing


Have you begun coach training and need mentor coaching to earn your ICF Credential?

Choosing a mentor coaching program and navigating the credentialing process shouldn’t be so confusing.

Enroll in The ICF-Accredited Group Mentor Coaching Program with Corey Stanford to…

Earn Your ICF ACC or PCC Credential

Develop Coaching Mastery & Confidence

Be Mentored by a Successful Executive Coach

Save Time and Money vs A Traditional School

Partner With Other Professional Coaches

I don’t just care about the credential, I care about your success as a coach!

While Coach Training Schools would charge you $6,000 and require you to spend another $1,800 on your own coach to get certified, I suspect you have other ideas for where you’d rather invest the $6,000 you will save with my program.

My name is Corey Stanford, and I’m a Master Certified Coach and the President of Scaling Leaders LLC. I’ve coached hundreds of leaders and mentored dozens of coaches over the years. Unlike most Registered Mentor Coaches, I’m also a trained ICF-Assessor, which means I know exactly what ICF is looking for when deciding to whom to award a credential.


Earn Your Credential Plus 26 Core Competency Continuing Coach Education Units!


You deserve clarity on the path to earning your credential. I will guide you step-by-step through the process of becoming a masterful ICF-credentialed coach. Pay a fraction of the cost of a lengthy school certification program to earn the same credential while receiving more personalized mentoring from me.

Schedule a 30 minute mentor coaching discussion to see if it’s a good fit

My Group Mentor Coaching Is For Coaches Pursuing

  • Mastery of the ICF Core Competencies
  • Associated Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation or renewal
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation


  • Have completed at least 60 hours of an ICF-accredited coach training program such as CTI Process or Synergy
  • Be coachable and development-oriented

Mentor Coaching Certificate Requirements

  • Attend at least five of seven group mentor sessions
  • Hold three one-hour individual mentor sessions
  • Dedicate about four hours each week in addition to our scheduled sessions
  • Have one or more ongoing non-coach clients who authorize you to record and use their sessions


  • The duration is about 4 months
  • Mandatory group sessions are held about every two weeks
  • Individual and group sessions are held via Zoom


Admission = $1,995 USD




January – April 2021:

• Mandatory Group Sessions
will be held at 12:00-1:45 PM EDT/EST (New York) on January 6 & 20, February 3 & 17, March 3, 17 & 31.

• Optional Participant Practice Sessions
are scheduled for 12:00 – 1:30 PM EDT/EST (New York) February 10 & 24, March 10 & 24.

These sessions are required for those seeking maximum CCEs.

• A Bonus Expert Guest Session

Join me and Ann Farrell for a private program event: “How to Build Your Business with Coaching for Organizations!” to learn what only the top 3% of coaches have figured out. Ann has coached over 1,000 Executives and Leaders for over 10,000 coaching hours and a 100% client-company re-engagement rate for more than 14 years.


April – July 2021:

(Date/Time TBA)


Next Steps

1. Schedule a conversation with Corey to see if it’s a good fit

2. Enroll soon to secure your spot

3. Receive your step-by-step guide

4. Earn your ICF Credential

About Corey Stanford

Corey Stanford, CPCC, MCC, MBA is the President of Scaling Leaders LLC. In addition to being an experienced executive coach, Corey is a Registered Mentor Coach and an ICF Assessor. He leverages his knowledge and experience as an ICF Assessor to prepare his mentees to excel in demonstrating the Core Competencies.

What Our Graduates Say

I approached Corey for mentor-coaching support in preparing for and passing the ICF-ACC accreditation program late last year. I am now ACC-accredited. I truly believe Corey’s mentoring has helped me not just hit that goal, but it also helped develop my coaching skills very powerfully. That’s because he gave specific, constructive feedback, with clear examples that helped me see how I can improve my coaching presence. He is positive, approachable, and knows how to deliver strong feedback effectively. Every session with Corey has been powerful. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Corey and elevate my coaching game even more. I totally recommend Corey as a mentor coach! – Meera Remani, ACC

Corey was my mentor coach during my ICF Accreditation. There were many things that made him stand out as a mentor. He has the unique ability to see and highlight your strengths and abilities in a credible and sincere manner. In addition, providing constructive feedback is challenging to say the least. Corey is one of few people I know who can do it in such a way that it does not diminish your view of yourself as a coach and inspires you to improve. He creates a safe secure space to allow for this. While being mentored by him, it felt like my coaching improved exponentially. I would highly recommend him as a mentor to anyone seeking to improve their coaching skills and to support during the accreditation process. – Shivani Buchner, ACC


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